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Life Fright – an evening of comedy

Hello, darlings!

Last Friday 21st June, I premiered my one-woman show Life Fright! for a packed audience at Rook Lane Arts in Frome.
It was one of the most exhilarating nights of my life and marked the beginning of my journey as a Stand Up Comedian.
Thank you to everyone who came and please come to my next show at Babington House on Sunday, 29th September.

Here are some testimonials from the Life Fright! audience….

“You were sublime and frankly brilliant. Your timing, content, and performance beyond words and haven’t laughed that much for a long time. We want more please”.
Lucinda Wallop

“Honey bask in the love, glow, and laughter that filled Rook Lane Friday night. Thanks to you we are all a little wiser, happier and have a few more laughter lines! You smashed it!”.
Liz Chandler

“Just unbelievably fabulous my darling”.
Rebecca Wordsworth

“Really, well done, Rosie; you held that audience – seemingly effortlessly – for more than an hour. So good that it was just ‘you’.
Ed Murphy

“No costumes, no props, just your incredible self and so, so many different faces! Rosie you are an inspiration! I have been chuckling to myself ever since your show, recalling many brilliant moments”.
Maria Mathews

“ It was quite brilliant. In Awe. Jaw-dropping and hilarious. You SO did it, and more. Your trusty “frantic steed” was genius. What an entrance. More please in love and adoration”.
Annie Austin

“You were amazing Rosie….. the only cure for post-show come down is…. do another!”
Angela Ward

“That was a triumph, Rosie. I was crying with laughter. You really rocked it – you’re an inspiration”.
Niamh Ferguson

“A good laugh is the best therapy and you took it to another level……keep going fantabulous Rose. I will never forget the Dr Picador character!!!”.
Candida Corcoran

“Your talent is amazing you incredible woman”.
Alexandra Kerrison

“You did so well, you absolute star. You were brilliant”.
Alex Austin

“Rosie! What an amazing star you were last night. We loved it. You were brilliant. Hats off for a fantastic performance”.
Pollyanna Murphy

“You amazing woman! I loved it. Huge congrats for doing your brilliant ’thang’”.
Nina Leijerstam

“Rosie you are a Goddess. I loved every breath. Can’t wait for the next one”.
Lucia Silver